Not just any Alice
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About: My name is that of a whisper. It wraps in your mind, edging you on for more. You want it, in your music, in your clothes and in your art. You know it wont be long, Kurt Hummel-Brightman will be all you can think about.

Alice, Sweet Pea, Kurtie, Porcelain those are the names I have earned.

Im a scared little boy, lost in a world without his mother. I mess up too much for my own liking and I hurt a lot of people.. but I am trying to fix that. I'm trying to be better.

Married to Evan Hummel-Brightman. I will be spending forever and a life time with him. He's my penguin.




I need this on my blog~

best speech ever okay

that awkward moment when you watch the video for this..and realize you’re actually older than him…

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